Founded in Europe and recently established in Brazil, ENTOLOGICS brings a disruptive and innovative solution that reduces food waste and provides more sustainable nutrients to the food chain.

Through the use of insects, we develop sustainable ingredients for animal and plan nutrition while bringing an innovative organic waste treatment solution.

We are part of a new industry with great growth prospects, focused on nutrients recycling through insects.

Mastering the Black Soldier Fly (BSF or Hermetia illucens) biology – an endemic Brazilian fly species – we have knowledge of the processes, protocols and technologies to use different types of organic waste as substrates for BSF farming at industrial scale.

By feeding on organic waste, BSF larvae recycle nutrients to the food chain, as they are used as an ingredient for animal nutrition. Our process also produces significant volumes of insect frass, which can be used as a natural fertilizer.

Before our operation at an industrial scale, we are in the process of adapting our technology and processes.


Understand how insets can help the world create a more sustainable protein supply model.

OUR MISSION: to promote waste reduction and a more sustainable food chain, by offering healthy alternative ingredients for animal and plant nutrition, within a solid economic and market rationale.