Besides promoting a more sustainable food chain, our project has a solid economic and market rationale.

Our innovation addresses relevant problems in three large markets, by offering sustainable alternative ingredients at competitive prices.

In light of the advantages of our insect based ingredients, their overall market potential and our industrial know-how, we offer an attractive opportunity to investors with an appetite for agribusiness, biotechnology and sustainability related projects.


After having started in Belgium, acquired our know-how and conducted trials in Germany, ENTOLOGICS chose Brazil due to the great prospects for insect based ingredients and many other favourable conditions:

  • Brazil is one of the main agriculture superpowers in the world.
  • It is the third largest animal feed market in the world.
  • A growing local demand for GMO free and organic products.
  • Huge volumes of nutrient-rich organic waste from one of the world’s largest food industries.
  • Favorable legal framework creating great incentives for the correct destination of organic waste.
  • Country with the largest biodiversity in the world bringing superior genetic material for our project.