Insectmeal is a protein rich, GMO free feed ingredient ideal for monogastric animals, such as fish, shrimp, chicken, pork and pets.

It is a sustainable macro-ingredient that can replace fishmeal as well as other conventional protein sources in animal diets.

The superior nutritional quality and performance of insectmeal is no surprise as insects are part of the natural diet of many animals, like chicken, some fish species and pigs.

Internationally, insectmeal is already being used as a substitute to fishmeal as it shares a similar amino acid profile. By such, insectmeal can compete in a high value-added market segment, due to the high fishmeal prices in international markets.

Besides the whole larvae meal, components separation allows the production of higher added value products such as insect protein concentrates (free of fat and fibber) and insect oil.

Lastly, insect based ingredients have a positive effect on animals’ immune system, potentially diminishing the use of antibiotics, while increasing palatability and showing better digestibility.


Insect frass is a sub-product of the insect farming activity. Rich in nitrogen, it is classified as a compost organic fertilizer by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) and contributes to the maintenance and biological control of soils.

This natural fertilizer also has beneficial properties to both conventional and organic agriculture.


The ENTOLOGICS process treats organic waste in a few days using less area than conventional methods such as composting. As our plants can be closer to where the waste is generated, we also reduce our customers’ transportation costs.

Our solution has proven to work with a variety of organic wastes from different sectors, such as agriculture, food and beverage, catering companies, supermarkets and many others.

The Brazilian National Policy on Solid Waste and its annexes (Law Nº 12.305, of August 2nd 2010) enforces major waste producers to appropriately treat their waste streams. This new framework creates a unique opportunity for our business model to grow.